Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A doubled up challenge today :) tntm #33& diva's #231

Hi this week l've managed to double up Suzy mosh's that's new to me challenge #33 using U and artist focus on jane monk, and the divas guest blogger Sharla hick's challenge undulating patterns using c&s curves. 
So we have underling and scrumble and I like it :)

Friday, 14 August 2015

That's new to me #32 -a

That's new to me #32 -A

Here's my new post for this week's that's new to me letter was A and a repeat so had an artist focus on  Karry Heun. I had to search quite hard to find an A tangle I hadn't done finally came up with
Axlexa - Henrike Bratz.
And for the artist focus 2 patterns:
I had fun on this one and I finally feel like I have mastered palrevo I've tried it once or twice and not been to happy with the results.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

That's new to me #31 - J

This week over at that's new to me it's #31 and letter J not a repeat so no artist focus. 
This week I have chosen 
Jalousie ( have used once along time ago)
Jajazz ( in border form) 

I quite like how it has turned out thanks for the reminder of jalousie I like it and had forgotten all about it, not one that you see around very often! :) 

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Drawing challenge day 9- eyes

This is my first eye and I am quite proud of it :) . With huge help of an eye tutorial from I hope that I'll get time to draw more of them!:) I only wish it wasn't so near the edge of the page and maybe not so many crazy eyelashes :)

Thursday, 30 July 2015

It's a string thing #103

Here is my it's a string thing #103 entry. 
I'm liking this one the string the tangles. I need to work more on mi2 it was kind of messy so surprise surprise my brain said don't do it. So I listened!! :)
The thing that took me nearly the longest time was picking which way round I liked the string the best. Even after I was was finished I was still turning it around before  finally deciding. I love the spiral bit.
Mr. E is fun haven't used it before. After I filled mr. E in that section of the string which original I had thought I'd put meer there. I was going to then put meer in that lovely white space, brain was saying no again it will be too much!. It was talking to me a lot during this challenge! ( haha am I going mad maybe I shouldn't be saying this out loud?).

That's new to me #30

So another week has gone by and Suzy Mosh's that's new to me is up, number 30 :) the letter is L and an artist focus on JJ Barbera. 
After a little hunt around on pintrest ( that May have lasted longer than it should have! ) I found a few patterns I hadn't tried and liked the look of, practised away in my sketchbook. Then I got a tile out and sat staring at it for a while unsure of how to put the kind of Mismatched tangles together. Discided maybe this needed a string to help me. Couldn't find one I thought might work so then I discided ahh circles would work. Arc flower and lot were circle shapes and I'd seen the lap tangle drawn in a circle on the 'finished' part of the step outs. So I drew some circles on my tile and off I went. 
Tangles featured:
Lap - Lizzie Mayne
Lot - R. Nikolajeva
Arc flower - JJ LaBarbera
Ticking - JJ :) 

I really like how this one has turned out this week. I think I will be  using lap again and I can see ticking would be easier to use in bigger spaces and maybe not circular, so I'll try and keep that in mind. Lot is fun too ( I added sparkle to it) 
Till next week.Keep tangling 

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Diva challenge #228

Heres my diva challenge by guest blogger Cari Sultanik  -  :) she asked for organic and natural tangles ' to me'. 
So this week EVERY single tile I have done has featured abundies and dicso I love those tangles so much so of course they should feature in this challenge. :) and narwhal another I love and printemps. My mac n cheese tangle as I've heard them called I'm sure I could draw those with my eyes closed!? Lol maybe not. Even though they are some tiny messed up bits the shading works helps disguse it :) :) I love this tile and am thinking I should get some frames for my fave. Ones to show them off more!