Saturday, 30 May 2015

WIP - life &soul

So last night I sat up way too late drawing this idea that I had a few weeks ago about having each of the elements - earth,air,fire and water onto a tile and putting them together with the soul in the middle of it all. Finding tangles suitable for air was really tricky, it's ended up more like weather than air. ( any suggestions welcome). 
So this isn't shaded or anything, I'm going to make a few copies of it like this add some colour onto one or two and shade another see what works best before I mess up the orginal one. 

Friday, 29 May 2015

Not the best hatched plan! Lol

Here is my tile for diva challenge ( She asked us to use straight lines only. Umm this was quite hard, I think I like some curly, curvy lines in my pieces. I also then discided I could combine the stacked and tangled Facebook group idea #6 of stripes into this one too. Bargain 2 for 1. ;) 
So from top to bottom we have:
Hached.(which isn't really meant to look like that!) 

So I like it except that hached didn't quite turn out as it's meant too, but that's ok there are no mistakes in zentangle. It serves to remind me to practise the tangles first before jumping in, no matter how easy it may look!. :)

It's a string thing #94

Heres my entry for it's a string thing # 94 with string #94. This week we were using flower tangles:
Well first off as always I hadn't used most of them- so I practise them in a sketchbook I couldn't get jasmin right so I choose to leave it off. I like wist it's a very pretty tangle. And fleuri surprised me  it's enjoyable to tangle nd looks nice so that May pop up in pictures again keep an eye out for it!. I've decided not to shade this one ( May well be the first I haven't shaded since I got brave and started to shade my pictures without fear of ruining them) but I feel like it doesn't need it?. 
My next tile is coming up soon (it's drawn just HAVE to shade it). Come back soon :)

Thursday, 28 May 2015

That's new to me week 21.

This week has been busy for me with my smallest turning 1! It's gone so quick. And the bigger one off on school holidays  , I've not had much time to tangle. 
But here's my entry for that's new to me week 21 -r ( a repeat letter) so have an added focus artist of Helen Williams from So we have riki tiki around the border , revolution in the center of the flower and auraknot/bunzo flower ( though instead of bunzo we have revolution). This morning I woke up and discided to colour it. I wish I took a photo of it in b&w too though for comparison. Oh well live and learn. See you for my next tile soon. 

Saturday, 23 May 2015

It's a string thing #93

This is my entry for Adele bruno's it's a string thing #93. For this string I use 2 of the 3 tangles adele suggested 4mom and JJ. 
It was fun to do and for some reason this string reminded me of an elephant (?) so the bit that has 4mom in it is my 'elephant' with JJ in the background. I had fun with all the verations that I could do with 4mom. I was very tempted to do the whole tile in it. But as you can see I didn't! :) 

Groovy purk

This tile was done for a Facebook group I'm in called square one: purely zentangle . They have a focus posted every Friday this weeks one is purk. ( that's the one that looks kind of like a necklace?) 
So I then looked for a string ( look at ) I used number 153, it's a fun one it had wavy lines and when I started filling in it reminded me of a lava lamp. I also added baton to the mix 😊. 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

That's new to me week 20 - x (& artist focus)

This week for  it's week 20. That sure has come around fast!. The random letter of the week is X and as this is a repeat letter, we have a focus on Sue Jacobs tangles too they can be found here at .She has a great selection of tangles already.

So I got to work practiced a bit as I haven't used any of these tangles and they didn't seem like they'd gell if I draw them organically ( like I tend to do). So I looked on for a string I thought May work. I found string #156 ( which I now wish I'd taken a photo of blank so you could see it!) and got my tangle on.....
Here's the finished result : using (top left...) 
Coil, vigne - sue Jacobs 
Xav - adele Bruno 
Xtracto - Cindy Angiel

The tile is not my best but it's ok and I had fun doing it ( which is the whole point- isn't it!). I do really like coil and will be exploring that one some more. 
Joanne :) 

Monday, 18 May 2015

My tangled dreams tile

Here is my newest tile with my new blog and FB page name on it. Featuring a few of my fave. Tangles. From top to bottom - florz, poser, cubine, isochor, mooka, and printemps. Along with a hanging rainbow and star :) coloured with steadtler Norris club pencils, and drawn with a mix of micron, steadtler and Pitt pens in various sizes. :)

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Welcome to my new blog - my tangled dreams :).
Named because sometimes I dream zentangle!.
This blog is a place for me to post my artwork, ideas and works in progress.