Thursday, 30 July 2015

It's a string thing #103

Here is my it's a string thing #103 entry. 
I'm liking this one the string the tangles. I need to work more on mi2 it was kind of messy so surprise surprise my brain said don't do it. So I listened!! :)
The thing that took me nearly the longest time was picking which way round I liked the string the best. Even after I was was finished I was still turning it around before  finally deciding. I love the spiral bit.
Mr. E is fun haven't used it before. After I filled mr. E in that section of the string which original I had thought I'd put meer there. I was going to then put meer in that lovely white space, brain was saying no again it will be too much!. It was talking to me a lot during this challenge! ( haha am I going mad maybe I shouldn't be saying this out loud?).

That's new to me #30

So another week has gone by and Suzy Mosh's that's new to me is up, number 30 :) the letter is L and an artist focus on JJ Barbera. 
After a little hunt around on pintrest ( that May have lasted longer than it should have! ) I found a few patterns I hadn't tried and liked the look of, practised away in my sketchbook. Then I got a tile out and sat staring at it for a while unsure of how to put the kind of Mismatched tangles together. Discided maybe this needed a string to help me. Couldn't find one I thought might work so then I discided ahh circles would work. Arc flower and lot were circle shapes and I'd seen the lap tangle drawn in a circle on the 'finished' part of the step outs. So I drew some circles on my tile and off I went. 
Tangles featured:
Lap - Lizzie Mayne
Lot - R. Nikolajeva
Arc flower - JJ LaBarbera
Ticking - JJ :) 

I really like how this one has turned out this week. I think I will be  using lap again and I can see ticking would be easier to use in bigger spaces and maybe not circular, so I'll try and keep that in mind. Lot is fun too ( I added sparkle to it) 
Till next week.Keep tangling 

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Diva challenge #228

Heres my diva challenge by guest blogger Cari Sultanik  -  :) she asked for organic and natural tangles ' to me'. 
So this week EVERY single tile I have done has featured abundies and dicso I love those tangles so much so of course they should feature in this challenge. :) and narwhal another I love and printemps. My mac n cheese tangle as I've heard them called I'm sure I could draw those with my eyes closed!? Lol maybe not. Even though they are some tiny messed up bits the shading works helps disguse it :) :) I love this tile and am thinking I should get some frames for my fave. Ones to show them off more! 

Day 8 - inspirational quote

Do more of what makes you happy quote. Unknown who said it anyone know? Maybe it's part of a longer quote?.
Anyway I love doing quotes and writing out different fonts ( yeah weird I know!) should have practised the bottom one it was actually a chalkboard font in kind of old fairground style if you know what I mean? Now on to some tangling for a break. I'm caught up well I have to do day 9 and that is today's one. Eye's watch out for it hahaha 

Sketchbook challenge days 6&7.

So here is days 6 & 7 sky and tree. I did it very quickly without a real plan just started drawing trees and then thought I'd do a sunset. Not so happy with the suns rays but I like the rest on to days 8 and 9 then I'm all caught up again! :)

Monday, 27 July 2015

Day 4 sketch challenge

Here is my work in progress of a skech of Mount Fuji in Japan :)
The finished one 

Just for fun one :)

So I practised a few of the new tangles that have come up lately 
Abundies by Hanny w.
Dicso - mina Hsiao ( cleverly named d (ot), I ,c,s and o)the strokes used to create it. 
I'm really liking this one :)

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Day #5

Here is day 5 of my challenge -fairy :)
She isn't quite right I need to practice hands and eyes! But she is ok. Taken from my FB page coz I forgot and deleted the photo off my phone before posting it here! 

Friday, 24 July 2015

Day 3 sketch challenge

Here's my exotic fish from a photo on pintrest, of a discus fish

It's a string thing #102

Here's my it's a string thing using string 102 for the week. I like sez ( when I remember to use it, but then printemps is one of my fave tangles and there similar looking).frost flower is fun although it sometimes went abit wrong it looks ok :). Graancirle wasn't going to be on here as I wasn't sure where it would fit but it's sneaked on in some of the corners and dropped it's little circles in gaps in the frost flower. :) 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Day 2 sketch challenge

Here's day 2. View from the window. This is the view upstairs on the 3rd floor out of my daughters bedroom. It's a quick one in pen and my trusty polychromos :)

Monday, 20 July 2015

That's new to me week 29 - 'D'

Here's my thays new to me tile for the week and have combined it with another swap I'm doing which involves 3 tangles 1 colour. So I used 
And cruffle - sandy hunter
Who is the artist focus because we have had d as a letter before. 

Day 1 - old shoes

Here's my day 1. Old shoe 
Ok so these are my current converse so not really old but they are pretty much this colour and I love them. Some tangles even sneaked in!. Hopefully I'll get to day 2 tomorrow, as it's school holidays it gets trickier with the big one around to do art!. 

Sunday, 19 July 2015

30 day sketch challenge :)

After looking around on pintrest I came across a few sketchbook challenges. 3 of them looked good so I wrote me fave. Bits from them all and made my own list :) and so starting tomorrow I'm going to attempt to do one a day ( which may be tricky as big one is on school holidays ). If anyone fancies joining me it would be fun show me your drawings and lists in the comments :)

Friday, 17 July 2015

3 tangles 1 colour swap #1

Here are my first 2 tiles for the zentangle ATC FB group swap for August titled '3 tangles 1 colour'. I really love them already and don't want them to go to a new home! Lol. :D 
I must admit shading in coloured pencil on tangles is strange not something I do to often and definetley always use black pen not coloured ones to draw them with. So this is a tricky but fun challenge for me. Usually there are around 12 in a group so watch out for more gorgeous tiles soon ( well hopefully ;) )

My new journals :)

I brought a new journal, well 2 actually skywriting journal by Jorjorian and wall's notebook by forlee. Both so far have got quotes written and then tangled. Here's a few :)

Thursday, 16 July 2015

It's a string thing #101

This weeks it's a string thing entry.
Featuring string 101 and rixty and LG.
Fun doing this one as both tangles are fairly simple just what I needed after a hectic few days with a sick bug in the house!. 
Coloured in using my polychomos pencils :) 

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A quick thanks for big ones teachers

So my big one leaves nursery school on Friday :'( ( I don't know how she grew up so fast!). I brought the teachers the usual thank you card and box of chocolates then decided to be 'brave' and make them a quick tile to say thanks too. Took me 20mins max. Hope they like it :) 
The tangles
L-R : 

That's new to me week 28

The letter of the week over on Suzy Mosh's that's new to me was 'w' as it's a  repeating letter we also has an artist focus of Erin Olsen ( of the zendala dare challenge, which I haven't got around to taking part in yet!)
I chose to do 
Wiltshire 1 - Liz t.
Wheelcogs- melinda Barlow
Widgets - Kate Ahrens
Midoosa ( tanglation version) by Erin Olsen

It kind of looks 'out of space' theme, and hurried which it was :( I should know to practice new tangles by now! But didn't think I'd have time with little one coming towards the end of her nap time!) 
I may retry this if I get the chance and do Erin's Midoosa in the star form that it is originally! :) 

Square 1 and diva challenge 226 combined :)

So here is one of my ' tangled dreams' again! I dreamt this finery flag thing though it did look a little different in my dream but I couldn't get it onto a tile! The focus this week over at square 1 FB group is finery, having only done this tangle once I had to go back to look at the step out.
This weeks post on the diva challenge is from guest poster Katie Crommett
And the challenge was keeping it simple. So there I could combine the two into one tile. I added printemps because I thought the white space was too white!. I actually don't think it was in hind sight but you live and learn!
I'm starting to put my name on things after seeing so many artists having their work stolen by a website and then selling them!. 

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

It's a string thing #100

celebrating adele bruno's 100th it's a string thing with a 100 inspired string, plus her new tangle 100 :)
The new tangle is so much fun. 
I loved doing the aquafleur one and the big one across the middle they are my 2 favourites and then they all discided to have a party at the bottom with as many variations as I could fit in ( they broke out of line too!) .
See Adele's challenges and tangles at her blog


Ok I've found an app to write on my work so now my Moserz can be posted properly on-line :) I think I'll be addin my name like this on all work as I've seen recently a few companies stealing peoples artwork :( 

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Stacked in a circle

Over at the stacked and tangled FB page, the idea of the week #11 is stack within a circle. First I had to hunt around my house for a circle to draw around that fitted my tile. Tried a few different mugs before I found one that was just right :) 
I've added wavy lines as my string and put crescent moon, onamato and footlites in there. I like it a lot, you may be seeing more of these :)

More ATC's

These are for a watercolour swap over at the zentangle artist trading card swap page on FB. I must admit I don't like my watercolours they are cheap ones from the works for £3 for 12 and they have a very chalky texture after they are dried :( one day I will get around to buying a more expensive set...... 

Square 1 focus - munchin

Ok so I'm finally doing a square 1 focus it's been a while but all my swap ATC bits are up to date. So they aren't taking up time anymore... 
Never done munchin and it was different and more relaxing to the way I had thought it would be drawn so I kept it simple and just put some little bits of tipple here and there :) I also kept it b&w so it could go into the sq1 group 😊

Monday, 6 July 2015

The diva challenge #225

So the diva is taking a break over the summer and has guest bloggers issuing a challenge. This week it's the turn of Jen  crutchfield czt and her challenge is to use  only 2 or 3 colours in maybe an unusual combo. So I've sat down and drawn whatever came out from top to bottom blooming butter
And then I sat looking at my polychomos pencils and chose 2 - colbalt green and geranium lake. I love playing with them and getting different shades from the same pencils. Very happy with my tile ( even the crazy narwhal) :) 

That's new to me #25 'H'

So it's that time of the week again where I get around to drawing the 'that's new to me' challenge this weeks letter is h so I have chosen Hypnotic, cool little tangle very effective esp when coloured in bunzo style! :) as this is a repeating letter we also have an artist focus on Michele Beauchamp. Her work is amazing she is one of my fave. Zentangle artists! :) I use her blooming butter and wist often so I chose to do a new one of hers ( new for me) Brayd it came out ok but could have done with a bit more thought at the end of it after I'd put hypnotic down it's gotten a bit lost. Never mind I like the tile :)