Wednesday, 15 July 2015

That's new to me week 28

The letter of the week over on Suzy Mosh's that's new to me was 'w' as it's a  repeating letter we also has an artist focus of Erin Olsen ( of the zendala dare challenge, which I haven't got around to taking part in yet!)
I chose to do 
Wiltshire 1 - Liz t.
Wheelcogs- melinda Barlow
Widgets - Kate Ahrens
Midoosa ( tanglation version) by Erin Olsen

It kind of looks 'out of space' theme, and hurried which it was :( I should know to practice new tangles by now! But didn't think I'd have time with little one coming towards the end of her nap time!) 
I may retry this if I get the chance and do Erin's Midoosa in the star form that it is originally! :) 

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  1. Nice tile! Thanks for being part of the challenge this week!