Thursday, 30 July 2015

That's new to me #30

So another week has gone by and Suzy Mosh's that's new to me is up, number 30 :) the letter is L and an artist focus on JJ Barbera. 
After a little hunt around on pintrest ( that May have lasted longer than it should have! ) I found a few patterns I hadn't tried and liked the look of, practised away in my sketchbook. Then I got a tile out and sat staring at it for a while unsure of how to put the kind of Mismatched tangles together. Discided maybe this needed a string to help me. Couldn't find one I thought might work so then I discided ahh circles would work. Arc flower and lot were circle shapes and I'd seen the lap tangle drawn in a circle on the 'finished' part of the step outs. So I drew some circles on my tile and off I went. 
Tangles featured:
Lap - Lizzie Mayne
Lot - R. Nikolajeva
Arc flower - JJ LaBarbera
Ticking - JJ :) 

I really like how this one has turned out this week. I think I will be  using lap again and I can see ticking would be easier to use in bigger spaces and maybe not circular, so I'll try and keep that in mind. Lot is fun too ( I added sparkle to it) 
Till next week.Keep tangling 

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  1. Nice tile! Thanks for being part of the TNTM challenge this week!