Thursday, 30 July 2015

It's a string thing #103

Here is my it's a string thing #103 entry. 
I'm liking this one the string the tangles. I need to work more on mi2 it was kind of messy so surprise surprise my brain said don't do it. So I listened!! :)
The thing that took me nearly the longest time was picking which way round I liked the string the best. Even after I was was finished I was still turning it around before  finally deciding. I love the spiral bit.
Mr. E is fun haven't used it before. After I filled mr. E in that section of the string which original I had thought I'd put meer there. I was going to then put meer in that lovely white space, brain was saying no again it will be too much!. It was talking to me a lot during this challenge! ( haha am I going mad maybe I shouldn't be saying this out loud?).

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