Tuesday, 19 May 2015

That's new to me week 20 - x (& artist focus)

This week for http://suzymoshcreations.blogspot.com/  it's week 20. That sure has come around fast!. The random letter of the week is X and as this is a repeat letter, we have a focus on Sue Jacobs tangles too they can be found here at http://suejacobs.blogspot.com/ .She has a great selection of tangles already.

So I got to work practiced a bit as I haven't used any of these tangles and they didn't seem like they'd gell if I draw them organically ( like I tend to do). So I looked on www.tanglepatterns.com for a string I thought May work. I found string #156 ( which I now wish I'd taken a photo of blank so you could see it!) and got my tangle on.....
Here's the finished result : using (top left...) 
Coil, vigne - sue Jacobs 
Xav - adele Bruno 
Xtracto - Cindy Angiel

The tile is not my best but it's ok and I had fun doing it ( which is the whole point- isn't it!). I do really like coil and will be exploring that one some more. 
Joanne :) 


  1. You did a great job! Thanks for being part of the challenge this week!

  2. Also--congratulations on your new blog!

  3. Having Fun is the Whole point! I love your tile. Its nice simple and your tangles are very clear! Great Job!

  4. And thanks Suzy too. ( for the help on FB too)

  5. This is so whimsical and wonderful! I love the little flying globules, and I also love your crosshatching. Great technique!