Friday, 29 May 2015

It's a string thing #94

Heres my entry for it's a string thing # 94 with string #94. This week we were using flower tangles:
Well first off as always I hadn't used most of them- so I practise them in a sketchbook I couldn't get jasmin right so I choose to leave it off. I like wist it's a very pretty tangle. And fleuri surprised me  it's enjoyable to tangle nd looks nice so that May pop up in pictures again keep an eye out for it!. I've decided not to shade this one ( May well be the first I haven't shaded since I got brave and started to shade my pictures without fear of ruining them) but I feel like it doesn't need it?. 
My next tile is coming up soon (it's drawn just HAVE to shade it). Come back soon :)

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