Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Castle stack

This week for that's new to me #22 the random letter was A. As this is a repeat there was an artist focus on Margaret bremner ( she is an amazing artist from Canada, check her out).
So I started looking at patterns beginning with A that I'd not used and was really drawn to arnia and archer they both look quiet similar. I really like how they came out. As I hadn't tried a few A patterns I kept it at them, there's none of Margaret's tangles in this one ­čś×there was no space!!!. 
I may come back later in the week with a new tile with the 'A' tangles and one of Margaret's if I get time. Fingers crossed.
I also used a tangle called scared straight  ( which featured yesterday on tangled and stacked FB page tangle showcase), for one week people are being invited by jane and Alice to show there tangle. Some great ones yesterday. So I'm on the look out for today's ones. 
Finally I descided to colour my tile today. It's kind of bright and happy sort of one :) 

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  1. Sorry the scared straight tangle is by Julie Beland :)