Sunday, 21 June 2015

My very first tangle :) - Moserz

Ok I'm really excited to show you all my very first tangle pattern that I have drawn based on a pattern that caught my eye by Koloman Moser :)  ( I wish I could find out the name of the piece but it's pinned into one of my boards if anyone wants to see it). So in honour of him I've named my tangle Moserz. 
Here it is I've included the step out plus some variations ( it's endless) my fave. Is the stripy one I'm sure that's the version that will pop up most in my work. 
For now tangle on and let me know if you use my pattern ( or if it's already a tangle) please. :) enjoy


  1. Hey, I really like your tangle! I'm going to enjoy playing with this one. I look forward to your future creations!


    1. Thanks Kellie I'd love to see what you do with it :).